“His temper tantrums and attitude finally stopped! Now
we’re closer than we’ve ever been!”

“I threw away my library of parenting books, since this program
is amazingly easier to navigate, and actually works.”

“It’s a triumph for busy moms who need parenting techniques
 that work with their active schedule.”

"It was never about the kid's... what's best for them. Or mom and dad for
that matter. It was about organizational agendas and making money off of unsuspecting parents."

You go to the library or bookstore! Walk into any bookstore and you’ll see an endless sea of books on
parenting. Suddenly it feels intimidating, where do you even start?

As you look more closely at the authors of many of these books, you soon realize they often have
impressive sounding credentials next to their name.  At first glance, that might seem like a plus, but if
you dig deeper, the shocking revelation is that most of what’s put out on the book shelves or in 10
minute TV sound-bites is really nothing more than theory.

If you took psychology classes, you might remember that often, there were always multiple opposing
views to any one theory. You have one child psychologist who believes it works this way. Then there’s
another whose research suggests differently. And of course, there’s usually the magnanimous
researcher who says it’s a bit of both. Who’s right?

Realize this, most of these people foisting these theories don’t even have children!  How can you
seriously raise your kids based off the controlled studies thought up by single, childless 22-year olds?

And if you want to dig even deeper than that, you’ll find that many of the older researchers don’t even
have kids.  One guy is a well-known celebrity in this industry that you no doubt would recognize, and he
had the audacity to write a book about raising happy families after he had his ugly divorce!

It doesn’t make sense to take advice from people like that does it?

What’s more, ask yourself this question. What is the agenda behind the material being taught to parents

Those People are Nuts!
Go From Guilt, Stress, and Angry Parenting to
Stress-Free Parenting that Produces Kids Who
Adore You and are Well on Their Way to
Becoming Amazing Individuals You’re
Proud to Call Your Own!
Then there are the two extremes of parents who think they’ve got it all figured out. You know the moms
I’m talking about. They act like throw-backs from the ‘60’s flower power movement, and for those who
have old-enough kids, their kids rule the roost, not the parents.

Then there’s the other extreme, the authoritarian parent whose kids seem well behaved, but who
knows what the heck kind of damage has been done to the psyche of little Johnny or Jane’s mind.

Some moms simply echo the “not so good” stuff they heard from their mom … without considering if
that’s what’s best for them and their kids.

Often in a household, there’s a conflict in parenting styles between both parents. Then mom and the
mother-in-law has to chime in. It can be so chaotic that it makes you want to pull your hair out!

You’re doing most of the work of taking care of the kids. That means added pressure, stress, and guilt. It
can lead to angry outbursts especially if your spouse is away all the time, and you’re working, starting a
business, or like to be active.

You need a system that works for you … the busy, active mom. So what do most responsible people do?

Seems Like a Smart Idea to Most People
… But Shrewd Moms Know Better

in many of these books or by some of these so-called celebrity experts?

For starters, with the TV guru of the day, these people will tell you whatever
they think you want to hear. Kind of like some consultants, who charge
outrageous fees to re-affirm what management wants their employees to

I’m sure you also suspect that much of the so called “how to raise kids tips”
foisted by universities and various organizations and the government have
their own agendas behind how you should raise kids.

They want robots to serve their agendas. Thus if you have a child who is an art

whiz, they’d like to suppress that creativity. Or if you have an older child who has entrepreneurial
inclinations … they want to suppress that so he or she can be a content employee that doesn’t question
management or society.

Perhaps you’ve heard heart-breaking stories of how someone’s kids went off to High School or university
and they came back a completely different person. For those moms it felt as if they shared a home with a

Take Your Hands Off My Kids!
These are your kids. Your progeny. Your legacy. They’re a part of you. And they’re people you have to
live with and will hopefully turn into healthy, productive adults. That said, parenting should be about
what best serves you and your children. Don’t you agree?

Hello, my name is Ashley Ryan. I’m the founder and president of The Busy Mom’s Guide to Awesome
Parenting Program
. Now let me ask you a question. Wouldn’t you love to know the best way to parent
without getting lost in the details of boring, dry, academic books that put you to sleep?

Doesn’t it make sense to learn how to parent based on what’s best for you and your child not what’s
based on what’s best for some corporation or organization?

And, wouldn’t you agree that the best people to take advice from are people who are in the trenches
daily, 24/7 with kids … and they can see if it works in real time or not?

What’s more … if you’re an active mom with a job, hobbies, or you like to do Yoga at a gym … doesn’t it
make sense to learn from moms who have a similar fast-paced lifestyle like you who are getting it right?

By Busy Moms for Busy Moms Who Want Their Kids to
Brag About Their Childhood and Grow Up into
Exceptional People Who Better This World

If you like the idea of this, then you’ll absolutely love The Busy Mom’s Guide to Awesome Parenting
program just as 5,000+ other moms do.  

What we’ve done is consolidated everything from the proper way to handle rewards and punishment, to
dealing with sibling rivalry, bonding closer to your child, and juggling career and dreams without burning

I’ve done all the work for you by showing you actionable steps and principles that bring a little bit of
heaven to your home.

All of our parenting techniques have been tested and proven … not in some controlled lab one time
… but in the home … on a daily basis!

And this has been done by our thousands of students!

This is not theory, this is what really works!

Put simply, there isn’t anything else like The Busy Mom’s Guide to Awesome Parenting. That’s why our
organization is growing by leaps and bounds by forward thinking, active women who want what’s best
for their children -- and themselves. That’s one of the signature differences with this never-before-seen
treasury of parenting wisdom.

It not only arms you to the teeth with know-how you need to be the best parent you can be, it helps you
enjoy life to the fullest and retain your individuality too.

Take a Look at This
Veritable Treasure Chest Loaded with Diamonds of
Outstanding Parenting Wisdom for the Active Mom

      ou’re a beautiful person, whether you realize it or not. I’m not kidding. Even though we’ve never
      met, the fact you’re here reading this, tells me volumes about you. You’re a loving, caring, and
      giving woman.

You want the best for your children. You want to make damn sure you’re doing this parenting thing
right. And the thought of your kids growing up into wild teenagers or adults who complain about you …
breaks you into a cold sweat and gives you night terrors.  

Frankly, most moms don’t give a flip. Sure, they talk a big game, but when it comes to parenting, they
wing it. You know the type don’t you?

Most parents don’t even bother to take courses or read books to ensure Joey doesn’t turn into a
drugged up monster. Some parents do check out books from the library but they don’t finish them or
put the ideas into action.

Yeah, they might read a few articles and listen to some advice from friends but other than that, it’s blind
luck their kids grow up into healthy, rational, fully functional people who aren’t jacked up with neurotic

Subscribe to The Busy Mom’s Guide to Awesome Parenting without risk, and here’s what you’ll discover:
  • Do you have a child you often butt heads with? Here’s how to handle that with finesse

  • How to get your kids to listen without resorting to threats and punishment all the time
  • The best explanation of the rewards and punishment system you’ll ever see laid out
  • How to avoid feeling a rift with your children and experience a more intimate bond that lasts
  • Stop clashing with your husband over parenting styles! Here’s how to collaborate and
  • How not to become that scolding, frazzled, exhausted mom that TV makes fun of

  • What to do if both you and your spouse work – how to ensure a close, warm loving relationship
    that your child will treasure

  • How to balance the time spent between children

  • If you have multiple children, discover how you can ensure they all feel equally loved and
    listened to

  • How to get your children to “get it” and really listen to you so you don’t have to constantly
    repeat yourself

  • Time management secrets for busy moms that really work

  • How to avoid the trap of exploding in anger even when it seems well-warranted

  • How to avoid getting stuck in most parenting snafus that cause intense drama that nobody
    could have seen coming

  • How you can keep your cool and gracefully deal with children who didn’t appreciate the big
    purchase or activity you did for them … and they still want you to do more!

  • How to get your husband on board with this new parenting style

  • Secrets to avoiding that dreadful emotion of feeling trapped as someone who’s life consists of
    constantly making meals, cleaning up messes, and catering to the needs of others while losing
    your individuality and needs in the process

  • How to avoid the pitfall of kids favoring one parent vs. the other because one parent constantly
    gives into their demands

  • How to create the right conditions so you can have “house rules” that everyone agrees with and
    observes so there’s no unexpected clashes

  • How much “self-control” should you really expect from your child based on their age?

  • How to know if you’re expecting too much and being too hard on your child

  • How to elegantly handle situations where no one is actively supporting you and you feel like
    you’re the only one who’s making an effort

  • How to end that feeling of being uncomfortable with asking your child to do chores because you
    fear he or she will respond in an obstinate manner

  • Things you can do to create a happier home life so you’re eager to get out of bed in the morning

  • How to avoid “mommy burnout”

  • How you can create a family environment wherein you’re not exhausted by the end of the day

  • Ways to maintain control of your children and home without being so stressed that you’re
    begging for a glass of wine

  • How to understand children who seem to have a “naughty streak”

  • How to guarantee you’re raising kids who will look back upon their childhood as happy times
    and not as a string of complaints against their parents

  • How to avoid falling into a parenting style rut that was ingrained into you – but doesn’t work

  • Keys to instilling a strong sense of self-esteem in your children

  • What you can do to ingrain a positive, winning self-image into your kids so they excel in life

  • How to get your children to gladly adopt your values

  • How to create a close-knit family that looks out for one another

  • How to start them young and put them on the fast-track to making the right choices in life

  • Things you can do that will help to instill in your children your ethics and morals so they avoid
    falling in with the wrong crowd

  • How to create such a steel-tight bond with your child that others won’t be able to “change
    them” for the worse

  • Success keys for dealing with sensitive children that truly work

  • If you have a home business or work from home – here’s how you can get your children to
    respect your work time

  • Keys to maintaining calm during children temper-tantrums

  • What you can do to ensure trips in public such as to the grocery store don’t turn into a drama-
    fest with your kids begging for food, toys, and having melt-downs

  • Solomon’s dilemma: How to handle scenarios where both kids are fighting or tattling on each
    other and it’s virtually impossible to figure out who’s in the right

  • Effective keys to getting children to stop making massive messes and become tidier

  • Proven techniques for dealing with kids who love to antagonize their siblings and you

  • How to become more productive at home and on the job without having kids weigh you down
    with endless demands

  • How to avoid becoming your child’s servant … endlessly making snacks, searching for toys, and
    constantly having to entertain them

  • Best ways for handling needy or whiny children

  • How our “natural giggles” technique beautifully handles sibling rivalry

  • How to facilitate a relationship that provides open lines of communication between you and
    your children so your kids always feel comfortable talking to you, no matter what!

  • Approaches that work for stubborn children

  • How to avoid being the parent whose kids bounce off the wall – secrets to maintaining control
    without authoritarian style parenting

  • How to feel more empathy towards your children

  • The key to knowing how controlling you should be with raising your kids

  • How to get your kids to behave harmoniously when you’re away

  • Keys to prevent your home from being an environment where both parents are played against
    each other by kids

  • The right way to deal with strong-willed children

  • How to find that balance between working too hard and having enough time for yourself

  • Principles for dealing with the stress of being stuck with the kids for long stretches of time while
    your husband is away

  • Techniques that help you handle the endless requests, tantrums, and begging your kids do for
    toys and other items

  • How to help you children accept “No” or “Maybe later”

  • Techniques for dealing with a household wherein most of your kids are perfect angels but one of
    them isn’t and how to deal with that child without alienating him or her

  • How to ensure your career and work doesn’t eat away at quality time with your kids without
    risking your job

  • How to design a lifestyle where you not only produce fantastic children, but you’re able to
    reclaim some of your dreams, goals, and aspirations

  • Methods for dealing with nosy neighbors and mother-in-laws who think they know better than
    you do when it comes to raising your children

  • Plus you’ll learn much, much more!

Rave Reviews for
The Busy Mom’s Guide for
Awesome Parenting
Pours in From Around the World!
“Working with Ashley has completely changed the way I relate to my daughter. Before working with
Ashley, Stella was whiny and demanding. As of today, she’s a happy, relaxed girl. These tools work!”
- Lucia, Nevada

“I’ve read so many parenting books and felt discouraged from ALL the information out there. Ashley
presents her material in such a way that I can understand and put into practice easily. My life is less
stressful than before because I now have the proper tools to practice with my family.”
- Eloise, Vancouver

"Busy Moms Community has changed the way I feel about myself, I'm more relaxed than ever since my
daughter was born! Thank you!"- Rochelle, Sydney, Australia

"Just want to say such a massive thank you to you for the information you sent me. So extremely helpful
and everything you say is so accurate and easy to understand and all the questions you answer
is exactly what I wanted to know. Brilliant. Thank you for your help, your site and information
I'm now learning is a complete Godsend... thank you." - Becky; Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK
"I just downloaded your program a few days ago and am happy to say that it has already made a huge difference in my attitude towards my three and a half year old and his attitude towards me! It's a win-
win situation!!! I'm learning each and every minute along the way of this beautiful parenting journey!"
- Lindsey; Autism, Texas

"Ashley lives every word she teaches in this course. She is a parenting inspiration to me and a living
example of healthy motherhood where both mother and child share an unshakable love, openness, and understanding of each other’s needs". - Anestis Lampsos, Ottawa, Canada

"As I work as a child psychotherapist, behavioral therapist, and neurology nurse specialist I am always
keen to keep up to date with any different approaches for family therapy and child behavior. Your
program is just great and the advice given is perfect. As a professional therapist I am more than happy to support the techniques and strategies you recommend." - Joseph Grennell; Republic of Mauritius

"I no longer feel alone and by myself, this is such an amazing group of women and new friends." 
- Kayla, Michigan, USA

"Thanks so much, for everything! You have no idea what you are doing to help all those beautiful
mothers who literally lose their everything along with themselves to bring the most precious gifts into
this world."- Maria M, Ottawa, Canada

"Life is so much easier since doing your program. All the info provided was so simple and easy
and really does work. We weren't having major behavioral problems but it was definitely enough to
stress me out and now it is over and I am HAPPY! Thanks." - Sarah; Gold Coast, Australia

Answers to All of Your Problems
Are Here, at Your Fingertips with
The Busy Mom’s Guide to Awesome Parenting!
Take Advantage of My Generous
“Take Control of Your Life”
100% Money-Back Guarantee
As you’re about to see, this program offers everything you need to win as a parent and enjoy every minute of it … without the drama and stress most moms experience. If you don’t see brilliant results right away, then let me know within 60 days and I’ll refund your investment in full. No questions asked. No small print. You’re in charge here.
You’ll Laugh at the
Nonsense Spewed by Bowtie Professors and
Nosy “Know-it-all” Neighbors and Friends
Once You Get Access to All of This
The course is available as a HOME STUDY OR you can join one of our weekly FAQ calls.

The course calls are held once a week for 7 weeks.

Not only do I back up this series with a 100% money back guarantee, but I include the most important
element to success: a community. You'll be engaging with a group of other women who are in the same
place as you; they will support and encourage you along the way. If you read that last line and thought
to yourself "I'm scared of people", don't worry, once you get on the call, you'll see that there's nothing
to be nervous about.

These women and myself are with you, supporting you to be the mother and woman you love and are
proud of. There were times in my life when someone suggested I try something out of my comfort zone,
and I felt scared about giving it a try. But I went ahead and did it, and it made a huge difference in my
life. Trying new things is scary, but it has the opportunity to change the course of your life, not only your
life, but also your child's. If you'd like to free yourself from that heaviness you're feeling, you'll want to
join us.

Every Category on the Topic of Exceptional Parenting
That Really Works for Active Parents is Thoroughly Covered

Child Behavioral Issues: After participating in this course and using these principles, your child will stop
biting, hitting, hurting, pinching, pulling and other destructive behavior.

Constant Self-Doubt and Questioning: This course will drastically reduce the amount of questioning you
do throughout the day. For example, no more "Is what I'm doing right?" "Why isn't he/she listening?"
"When will this get easier?"

Punishing Your Child: After this course you won't need to use punishment with your child, you'll use
parenting methods that are positive and effective, without the guilty and regretful side effects.

Rewards and Bribery: After the seven weeks you won't need to reward your child again. Believe it or
not, if you use these principles, your child will want to co-operate, contribute and be helpful.

Mommy Burn-Out and Fatigue: If you feel constantly exhausted or burnt-out with little time for you,
that's about to change. This course not only provides you with the tools to significantly reduce the
amount of stress in your life, but it also provides a community of women to share and connect with.

Emptiness and Isolation:
Join a community of women and myself as we go through the same
experiences you're going through you will feel connected, valued and social within our intimate group.

Boring Life Syndrome:
If you feel unfulfilled and empty despite the amount of things you DO, this course
will help you feel full and satisfied.

Here's what will happen after the 7 weeks... you will also:
  • Feel relaxed, rested and confident about the choices you're making and the parent you're being.

  • Be closer and feel more connected to those around you. You'll have an increased feeling of joy
    in your life and happiness with your child.

  • Accept your child for who they are and experience deep gratitude and appreciation for being
    with them.

  • Have your child's trust and they will share their innermost thoughts and feelings with you. You
    will experience authentic co-operation from your child.

  • Learn to parent in ways that FEEL right and true for you, and don't leave you feeling guilty or
    ashamed afterward.

  • Understand your child's misbehavior and why they do what they're doing, and how you can
    support them to become an empathetic and caring being.

  • Respond in even the most difficult and stressful situations.
And finally, have the relationship you want with your child - and feel good about the parenting choices you make.

I so want to see your children get the very best life they can possibly have. I know you do too. The fact you’ve read this far tells me you’re even more special, because statistics show most people would have just skimmed through and bounced off to comment on someone’s Facebook comment. You haven’t. You are one of those rare people who realize what’s truly important.

Act Now and See Fantastic Results
That’ll Amaze Friends, Family, and Yourself!
This is it … you’re one life. You don’t get test-runs with raising kids. That’s why you really can’t afford
not to invest in this. This program truly can save you years of heart-break, stress, and burn out.

The results for moms who’ve gone through The Busy Mom’s Guide to Awesome Parenting are nothing
short of amazing. I’d like to see the same for you. Why not give it a try now?  

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About Ashley Ryan

Ashley began her inquest into different parenting philosophies at 21. At the time she was pregnant with
her son. On an ordinary day, she met an interesting gentleman in a coffee shop who recommended she
read some 'life changing' parenting books. Ashley bought the books and studied them arduously. These
books changed the way she looked at life and parenting they were her inspiration in 1999 to write The
Happy Child Guide
. The Happy Child Guide has helped thousands of parents all across the world to
connect with their true hearts and parent in positive and meaningful ways; without the use of
punishments and rewards. After writing The Happy Child Guide, Ashley and her son spent four years
traveling. They lived in the U.S., Thailand and India. Ashley currently resides in Ottawa, Canada, with her
son, partner and two rabbits.

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